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Kate Baker Designs provides bespoke jewelry design & production, heirloom jewelry redesign, hand-fabricated fine jewelry, and jewelry repairs. 

We intend for our jewelry to express your individuality – to be an extension of you. Its story helps tell your story. Every piece of Kate Baker Designs jewelry has two stories to tell: creation and celebration. Each saw cut separates from the ordinary. Each hammer blow impresses a rhythm of life. Each lick of heat builds energy. Each file stroke shapes its uniqueness. Each gem defines its character. Once finished, it’s a celebration of you!

Our pieces transition well to all occasions and are not destined for a jewelry box, but to be worn daily. Each piece is well-balanced, of fine quality, and often embraces the unexpected element.

So we invite you to give yourself a gift. Look into your jewelry box and see what doesn’t fit, what needs a repair, what needs a remodel, or what’s missing. We’d love to help you!



Kate Baker is a bespoke jewelry designer, goldsmith, and gemologist. She has over 20 years of experience designing, fabricating, repairing, and re-styling jewelry. As a GIA Graduate Gemologist, her extensive knowledge of diamonds, other precious gemstones, and pearls enables her to expertly advise her clients on their purchase or care, and with the assessment of an heirloom piece.

She is a lifelong lover-of-learning and continues to build her already extensive list of artistic and professional jewelry qualifications. Kate enjoys the “getting her hands dirty” part of bringing design ideas to life (so – no pretty nails for her)! She loves working with tools to create something beautiful. Kate’s fine eye for design comes naturally from her mom, Pat Denman, AWS, NWS.


Kate’s work, noted for its high craftsmanship, clean lines, and versatility, is best self-described as “Controlled Spontaneity”, which strikes a unique balance between conservative and free spirit. Her jewelry seamlessly transitions between that little black dress and jeans.

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We intend for our jewelry to express your individuality — to be an extension of you​.



 Simply put, “bespoke jewelry” refers to jewelry which is created to meet your specifications. It’s a custom design process that results in custom made jewelry. With Kate Baker Designs, it’s a 6-step process from Design through Fabrication and Delivery. Kate handles each step with expertise, passion, and focus so that your finished piece meets and exceeds your expectations. 

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Kate offers all types of jewelry repair. Common repairs are new settings or ring shanks, replacement stones or pearls, ring sizing, stone tightening, restoration, or re-stringing pearls. It is best to schedule an appointment to discuss your repair needs. All repairs are done by Kate in her studio and not sent out. Turn around for repairs is typically within 2 weeks, though Kate always tries to return wedding bands within a few days. 

Please note that, although it is rare, there is always some risk of gemstone breakage during the repair process. For this reason, you should carry an insurance rider for diamonds or other large gemstones.

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“Kate, Thank you for all the time and effort you put into helping us with my ring ‘upgrade’. You went above and beyond, educating us in the process as you shared your time and expertise. You certainly made our 26th anniversary more memorable! We couldn’t be more pleased and are grateful for your time, talent and ultimately, your friendship.”



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