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Change is a Good Thing!

Since my last posting, there has been much change at Kate Baker Designs! My studio is now in Historic Clifton, VA!

After 13 years as a Founding Artist at The Workhouse Arts Center in Lorton, VA, and having much gratitude for my studio there, I decided that a change would be good. Change is refreshing, satisfying, forward-looking and gratitude opens new doors. This new opportunity presented itself very unexpectedly and so beautifully. I jumped for change, and what a “gem” it is! You must come and visit!

Change is a good thing. This applies to jewelry too. We all have favorite pieces in our jewelry box ... some are no longer worn. They are too small, too big, missing stones, or are broken or too tarnished. Some pieces bring poignant memories or a style that no longer suits.

Change this dynamic. Refresh them. Repair them. Redesign them. Cherished pieces ... Carry the love they hold, by making them your own. You will be happy you did.

My new studio is a happy place. It is located between Motier, a new French restaurant, and the Clifton Post Office. My holiday and Grand Opening hours are Wednesday-Saturday 11-3:00 or by appointment. I look forward to seeing you!

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